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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Westchester, 1767 Central Park Ave Suite #268, Yonkers, NY 10710, (914) 768-4888

Many ground finishes comprise hidden VOCs. You need to completely clear the floor, touch up any deep scratches and roughen the existing finish with sanding screens so the new finish will adhere nicely. But if the polyurethane flakes off as you scrape, or if the floor has a crackled or orange-peel texture (Photo 3), there's something on the old end stopping the new end from adhering correctly.

The veneer may be sanded a couple of times—after that, sanding will expose the plywood core beneath. I purchased a rental house and pulled up the carpet to seek out outdated oak floors, not wanting to buy new carpet I known as a neighborhood wood floor contractor. Hardwood flooring add warmth and depth to any residing space, they usually're relatively simple to clean and keep as long as they obtain the eye they need.

I needed a contractor to sand and end my old floor,apply a medium brown color and some coats of end.I found this firm in your web site that did some work in Naperville,about 15 minutes from my house and I decided to give them a name.Daniel explain me the work he will do and the kind of finishes I can get, very e-mailed me an in depth written estimate in regards to the work to be of my wife coworkers advisable him mud, very clear, a profesional particular person to work with.

These costs go up the longer it takes to complete the undertaking. Remove the shoe molding — the quarter round that runs along the ground —to prevent the floor sander banging against it. Pry it off as proven, defending the baseboard with a piece of scrap wooden.

Stains that have penetrated by means of the end as well as the wood can solely be removed by sanding. 2 Linoleum : A cheap flooring material created from linseed oil, resins, recycled wood flour, cork mud, limestone and mineral pigments, on a canvas or jute backing.

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